Willem de Kooning Art Academy, Rotterdam
Bachelor Lifestyle & Design
Graduated July 2013


Wardrobe Company, Amsterdam
2012 - 2013


Ayfa van Oeteren (1989) is a Dutch based visual artist, prop-stylist and photographer. She graduated from the Willem de Kooning Academy in July 2013.

Her work balances between the field of contemporary art, stylistic products/objects and photography. With a keen sensibility, curiosity and wonder she visualizes the world around her. She analyzes and captures situations that are associated with everyday life. For instance: what drives and shapes us?

Through her slightly poetic and mysterious ‘objects’ and photographs she tells narratives, whom sometimes are based on personal experiences. With her exquisite feel for materials, appearance and love for creating imaginative ‘worlds’, she shows in variety of disciplines how to capture her vision through a contemporary lens.

Whether it is portraiture or stylistic objects, the key elements that form the core of her work have a pungent but aesthetic outcome, with a message underneath.